API DocumentationΒΆ

florin The FLoRIN pipeline for large-scale learning-free computer vision.
florin.classification Utilities for classifying connected components.
florin.closure Closure decorator for delayed processing.
florin.compose Deferred function composition with functools.
florin.conncomp Convenience functions for image connected components operations.
florin.io I/O functions for loading and saving data in a variety of formats.
florin.morphology Convenience functions for image morphological operations.
florin.ndnt N-Dimensional Neighborhood Thresholding for any-dimensional data.
florin.pipelines Deferred execution pipelines with different computational models.
florin.reconstruction Reconstruct connected components as an array of pixel-wise class labels.
florin.thresholding Convenience functions for image thresholding operations.
florin.tiling Utilities for tiling images and volumes.